Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A few thoughts on international hockey commentators

When I was growing up I thought the world only had Canadian Hockey commentators.  Everyone would have the pleasure of listening to the great Bob Cole, Don Whitman or Jim Hughson calling the game while equally great color commentators, studio analysts like the polarizing Don Cherry provided additional detail with a passion and enthusiasm that couldn't help but make you smile.

And here I sit, POSITIVE 31 degrees outside on a late Perth evening with Olympic Hockey on TV and the classic US vs Canada womens match on TV.   And yet, I just can't help but thinking something is missing.  Snow, well sure, but we can't live without that now can't we? Beer? Nope, Aussie's produce a pretty fine brew, perhaps a Molson Canadian, or Labatt Blue would be nice, but we're ok here.

The issue so very clearly is there is a brit and an aussie commentating the game.  I'm sure they're lovely blokes, and they even seem to have a decent handle on the game.  But COME ON, just buy the Canadian audio so I can get the true feel of the game!  Oh no the aussie lady host just announced we were coming back to the third period like she was talking about a unique fish dish she had while in Bali.    Ahhhh make it stop.  

Seriously Canada, sell the audio to all other nations for these internationally broadcast games, even non english speakers could gain something...

Ok, enough of that back to the game....hoping the Canadian ladies can pull this one out?


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