Monday, December 30, 2013

The very eery, very cool, Pinnacles Desert

The Pinnacles Desert in Namburg National Park is just over 2 hours straight north along the coast on highway 60.  We had heard mixed emotions from friends anywhere from "Meh, it's alright" to "You gotta see it".

I am firmly 100% in the "You gotta see it" camp.

The drive is pretty typically driving in Western Australia with a mix of terrain.  There are signs OFTEN warning of wildlife wandering on to the road which can be an issue in general in these parts especially with kangaroos.  This is a real risk and requires you keep your wits about you.  

As you get closer you will start to notice the most amazing white sand dunes.  This Canadian started to think he was seeing snow.  It's that white.  Come to learn after the trip that a popular activity near the town of Lancelin is Sandboarding.  Sounds fun.

Other than the sand dunes there is no real geographical indication that you are close to the site.  The signs however are pretty good and we arrive at the gate.  We had been to Yanchep National Park (another post to come) the same day so our $12 dollar ticket was good for entry.  The nice attendant handed us a map and asked that we please keep our vehicle on the road / trail.  Hmmm...ok....that will make sense soon.

We follow the signs, still surprised we can drive through, come around a corner and WOW!.  I think we all said it at the same time.  The area is truly awe inspiring and goes on for as far as the eye can see.  We quickly find a place to park the car and start to walk through the pinnacles.

I think only the pictures can really show just how cool this place is.  It's like being on another planet.  The kids absolutely loved exploring the different pinnacles and running around them.

There are a lot of photographers out with many thousands of dollars of gear.  At one point one friendly guy (who I should mention had been taking pictures of himself with a horsehead) offered to take a family shot which is one of our favourites that's been taken in WA.

We finished hungry, and headed for Cervantes, just 20 minutes to the North.  Bad idea.  We were told to go to the Country Club which was the only place open.  Angie and I had to chuckle as it reminded us so much of every 1970's built community club in Western Canada which we had both spent more time in then we cared to admit.  After 1 hour of waiting for food that hadn't been started we gave up and began the trek home.

I should mention that I don't ever remember seeing stars so clearly.

I highly suggest this quick road trip if you every get the chance.  It's a special place that you'll always remember.


  1. Glad you and your lovely family are enjoying travelling throughout Australia. Like Canada and the USA, Australia is a wonderful and exciting country in which to do a road trip. I am from NSW and highly recommend a drive down the south coast of NSW from Sydney to Melbourne - it really offers the most spectacular coastal scenery with beautiful green hinterland of thick rainforest and beaches with sand so white (like sugar granules) and turquoise water filled with dolphins and whales. Enjoy your stay!

    1. Thanks for your comments Caroline....the East coast is definitely on our bucket list!