Wednesday, January 8, 2014 dog with potato salad....sure!

My buddy and all around good dude Alpesh asked me if I wanted to join him for the Twenty20 cricket match last night at the wacker.  I've never been and really don't understand the game but near the end was getting the jist of it.

Twenty20's are nice because they're 3 hours long rather than the standard decade long butt destroying cricket test.

And take a look at the sausage with potato salad on it.  It was seriously good and quite unlike the normally plain jane food I'd expect at such a venue.

I'm pretty impressed with the images as shot from my Samsung Note 2....there were some pretty funky skies going on and those light stands are really imposing.

The Perth Scorchers finished off the Hobart Hurricanes (just barely) in what was a pretty exciting game for a guy who didn't understand the game at the start.  

Wow the grammar in this post is shocking... Enjoy the pics! 

Beautiful evening at the wacker complete with ufo flash

That's a serious sausage complete with potato salad

Starting out

That sky was pretty epic.  If you look closely we're winning.

The wacker lights are cool


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