Sunday, December 15, 2013

Another heatwave - Weather in Perth

We're in one of those heat waves that are not uncommon in Perth from December through February.  Yesterday broke 40C and today was over 38C.  This heatwave will be defined as 6 consecutive days with max temperatures above 36C.  Last December we had a 112 year record with 9 straight days averaging a high of 39C.  I remember new years eve walking to my car and thinking my face might melt.

And now for a personal reminder of what weather looks like back in Canada:

Ok enough about that....I remember.

Once the weather is above about 35C the streets get quiet and those people not at the beach hunker down in the air conditioning.   We played a game of jump in the pool, dry off, jump in the pool, dry off again.

With all of this said it's good to put things in perceptive.  On average Perth gets 3 days above 40C, 25 days above 35C and 71 days above 30C.  Humidity is almost always low so that heat doesn't feel so repressive like it can in cities like Singapore, Houston or Milan.

There is one last trick that defines Perth in terms of Weather: The Fremantle Doctor

I was pretty sure this was myth when I first heard of it.  People here speak of the doctor like he's an old friend that comes for a visit.  That said....come 3 to 5 PM in the afternoon the wind picks up....often from the Indian ocean and brings a cool breeze over Perth quickly bringing the temperature down to reasonable levels.  It is not uncommon for us to have a scorching hot day in the 35 range and I don't realize it because it is 26 when I walk out to my car between 5 and 6 pm.

These few killer heat days aside....I can't think of a better city for weather.  I'd be interested to hear suggestions of one.


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